Change Management

Helping employees think and work differently requires a change management strategy and effective communications. 


A diversified agribusiness and retailing company was poised to move into a new phase of growth by deploying a new Human Resources Information Management system (HRIM) with emphasis on manager and employee self-service. It was clear that this new way of working and obtaining information would require an effective change management process. Findley partnered with the client’s HR team to create a new culture that would support online tools as part of the work experience.


The client needed to understand the level of employee experience with online tools so a proper change management campaign could be developed. After Findley consultants obtained this information through phone interviews with employees and managers, we incorporated the data into both the final online tools and the roll-out communications.

We also needed to create brand awareness for the new HRIM. Employees were not familiar with its name or logo. Our goal was to integrate this new vocabulary into the regular work pattern of both managers and employees. Brand identification would start through a “teaser” campaign.


Findley created a comprehensive communication strategy to inform employees and managers about the overall benefits of the new HRIM system from the employer and manager perspective. The strategy also included communication channels that would create brand awareness of the new name and logo. Our goals included creating awareness and acceptance for the changes and obtaining executive sponsorship and support. Our team then developed a series of communication channels using a “Get Connected” theme to deliver the message to managers and employees through a phased program.

Communication channels used during the campaign included:

  • Posters
  • Road maps
  • Quick start guides
  • Before and after comparisons, and
  • Employee and manager meetings


Change often meets early resistance, but this engagement proved that even reluctant parties end up benefiting from the improvements of HR technology. As a result of the communications and branding campaign developed by Findley, employees and managers understood the value of the new HRIM system and overcame the issues associated with transitioning from the old to the new system.

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