New Compensation Program Implementation


A telecommunications company with approximately 600 employees was faced with rolling out a new compensation program on a deadline. A short time later, the head of human resources left the organization.


The company announced to its employees that a new compensation program was to be rolled out in 30 days. The abrupt departure of the head of human resources left the organization at risk, with no one who fully understood the new compensation program.

To help the company attract and retain talent, Findley partnered with the organization to review what the prior head of human resources had done and to create an understanding of the design, mechanics, and effect of the new program on the company and individual employees. Findley was tasked with reviewing the new compensation plan to ensure that it could be implemented without completely changing from its initial structure.

The new compensation program established base salary and annual incentives for all employees and the success of the rollout would significantly affect the credibility of management and the human resources team.


Within 30 days, Findley provided a complete understanding of the plan to the management team, including the mechanics of the program, documentation, and an analysis of each individual employee’s potential earnings under the new plan.
Findley further created a communication program for management to use to explain to employees what the new program meant and entailed. In this process, Findley also developed a script for managers so that they could easily explain the new plan to employees.


With Findley guidance, the company’s new compensation program was implemented in a timely manner, with full acceptance, and minimal problems. In addition, time was bought during this process for the management team to continue modifying the plan to make it stronger over time.
Managing and driving organizational change involves ensuring success for the human resources team during the implementation of a new compensation program.

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