NOVO – Project Management Tool

An innovative project management tool was the key to maximizing human resources effectiveness during a time of human resources transformation. 


A large midwestern hospital network with over 14,000 employees was implementing a human resources transformation strategy. It needed a project management tool to help the human resources managers execute the plan and allow the human resources executive team to monitor their progress.


Findley partnered with the hospital network to develop a web-based collaborative tool that would track actionable manager objectives and provide a dashboard for the human resources executive team to manage accountability.


Findley developed a unique project management tool, called NOVO that utilized a “four-up” project management model.

This model tracked individual goal summaries, critical actions, realization, and next steps for each item of the human resources transformation action plan.


With Findley’s innovative solution, the human resources transformation action plan was executed on time, within scope, and on budget. The human resources managers were able to collaborate on actionable steps to enhance communication between their respective departments. In addition, the human resources executive team was provided with dynamic insight into the progress of the project and was able to quickly recognize opportunities to step in and help remove any roadblocks.

Category: Case Studies