Performance Management Process Optimization

Obtaining insight from focus groups enabled this organization to leverage technology and develop a performance management process and system that would attract, motivate, and retain top talent. 


A midwestern, independent hospital with over 1,400 employees wanted to leverage technology to improve its current performance management process. In addition to leveraging technology, the hospital wanted to improve its current performance management practices to ensure the goals of the process were aligned with those of the hospital and to promote consistent practices across the hospital.


Findley was engaged to provide assistance in determining what the organization’s future performance management process should look like.


Initially, Findley partnered with the client to map out its current state process. Then, Findley designed and facilitated two focus groups that contained key operational and human resources managers. The focus groups evaluated their current processes against best practices in the following areas:

  • Goal Setting;
  • Competency Modeling;
  • Evaluation Methods;
  • Appraisal Schedule;
  • Links to Other Human Resources Process; and
  • Indications of Success


Based on the data collected from human resources and key operational managers, Findley was able to recommend a future state performance management process. In addition, the Findley team was able to define the technology requirements for a performance management system. Finally, the process of involving key operational managers in the focus group discussions ensured that different perspectives were considered and the transition to a new performance management process and system were supported.

Category: Case Studies