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University Hospitals (UH) is a community-based health care system which has served patients for the past 140 years.  With more than 150 locations, UH is the second largest private employer in Northeast Ohio and one of the top five private employers in Ohio. Attracting and retaining talent is a priority for the organization as they seek to be one of the best employers in the region.


UH decided that they wanted to share information about the UH Total Rewards program with all of their employees. This Total Rewards Statement would communicate the total value of both pay and benefits that is provided to each employee. UH wanted to share this information in an accurate and cost-effective way and personalized for each employee.


Findley worked very closely with UH’s Human Resources Department to define the parameters of a Total Rewards Statement. During this process it was determined that UH would prepare two versions of the statement. The original design would be prepared for all benefits eligible employees. A second, more concise statement would be prepared for employers who are eligible to participate in the retirement plans and who receive additional benefits such as service awards.

UH distributed Total Rewards Statement to almost 10,000 employees and invited them to participate in a short online survey to provide feedback to UH’s team.


The survey helped UH measure the success of the communication and provided valuable feedback to be used in future years. Based on the response rate, we can be 95% certain that if every employee of UH completed the survey, actual responses would vary by only about 3.3% from the sample responses. 91% of employees responded that the Total Rewards Statement provided them with enough information to fully understand their UH-provided compensation and benefits. 89% of employees felt that the Total Rewards Statement gave them a better understanding of their total rewards package from UH, while 84% of employees felt that the Total Rewards Statement taught them something new.

Employees had the opportunity to provide open-ended feedback on the survey as well – “I thought it was very easy to read and straightforward. Based on the information provided, I will increase what I contribute to my 403B.”

“I was surprised to see the very nice publication with information that pertains to me. It was attractively presented and contained information that I needed to have in one place.” I like the personal feeling of the statement. It felt as if I was actually talking to someone about ME.”

UH is pleased with the response to their first-year effort to provide employees with this information and is planning on preparing Total Rewards Statements for their employees in the future.

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