Total Rewards Statement

Attracting and retaining the best talent can be supported by personalized communications about total rewards. 


University Hospitals (UH) is a community-based health care system, which has served patients for the past 140 years. With more than 150 locations, UH is the second largest private employer in Northeast Ohio and one of the top five private employers in Ohio. Attracting and retaining talent is a priority for the organization as they seek to be one of the best employers in the region.


UH provides competitive pay and benefits through the UH Total Rewards program. UH knows that it is essential to communicate this significant investment, and it is particularly important because UH competes for talent with several other area health systems. Ensuring its employees are aware of the competitiveness of pay and benefits is critical to keeping top talent. To help all employee understand the value of their pay and benefits, UH provides an annual total rewards statement to all benefits-eligible employees. The goals of the total rewards statement are that it be cost-effective, personalized with accurate information, and tailored for the unique programs offered at each entity. Most importantly, the communication must engage employees by helping them understand the value of their total rewards.


Findley worked closely with UH’s Human Resources Department to develop total rewards statements. Over 10,000 employees received personalized total rewards statements. To ensure employees received a tailored message based on their own unique situation, UH decided to prepare two key versions of the statement:

  • A version for employees who are eligible for the complete total rewards package;
  • A simpler version for employees who receive limited benefits.

It was important for UH to gather employee feedback. This feedback was used to further refine the statements format and content in subsequent years, thus ensuring statements continue to provide the information employees want.


When the statements were distributed, recipients were invited to participate in a short online survey about the total rewards statements. Overall, UH received positive employee feedback. According to the follow-up survey:

  • Eighty-three percent of employees felt that the total rewards statements taught
    them something new.
  • Eighty-six percent of employees responded that the total rewards statements
    provided them with enough information to fully understand their UH-provided
    compensation and benefits.
  • Ninety-one percent of employees said that the total rewards statements gave
    them a better understanding of their Total Rewards package from UH.

UH is pleased that total rewards statements continue to be a hit with employees. By taking the time to clearly articulate each employee’s total rewards, UH ensures employees remain engaged and productive. UH plans to continue offering statements each year.

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