Improve Your Human Resources Service Delivery with Findley

HR is a major contributor to business results, and CHROs and VPs are continually looking to measure their functions against the best practices of their peers. Through our process, Findley:

  1. Helps HR leaders evaluate how their HR is performing
  2. Identifies opportunities for improvement or change
  3. Identifies the best technology solutions to support ongoing best practices

Findley accomplishes this through the practices below.

Rapid Map Facilitation

The Rapid Map™ Process is used to help leaders leverage their collaborative time so they make better decisions faster – which leaves more time for strategic thinking and better results. It can be used for a wide variety of strategic initiatives or to develop action plans for targeted topics.

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HR Assessment

We measure the effectiveness and efficiency of current processes and standard operating procedures by looking at HR’s time, cost, and service allocations.

Specific areas typically assessed include:

  • Leave programs
  • Human resource planning
  • Organizational development
  • Creating the employee value proposition
  • Selection and staffing
  • Onboarding
  • Employee performance management
  • Employee relations
  • Exit management
  • Health and welfare plan administration
  • Retirement benefit plan administration
  • Compensation administration
  • Information management
  • Compliance
  • Payroll

Reporting Considerations and Recommendations

The HR Service Delivery Assessment report correlates with other available data to provide a measure of your HR’s effectiveness. Specific demographic attributes enable a detailed level of analysis.

Develop or Refine HR Roadmap

We develop a business case documenting the needs, objectives, and financial impact to support your HR service delivery model.

The result is an HR roadmap that is based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis and addresses the unique culture and specific business needs of your organization.

Change Management & Project Management

Providing strong Change Management and Project Management in implementing changes is critical to your success. Employees need help understanding, embracing, and adopting new practices, functional responsibilities, and technologies. Any new HR Technology implementation requires focused employee training for success.

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