Community Well-Being Collaboration

Twelve school systems collaborate on a comprehensive wellness initiative with the goal of managing health care costs effectively.


The Lake Erie Regional Council (LERC), a strategic consortium of twelve school districts in Lorain County, Ohio, collaborated on an action plan to manage health care costs with the goal of helping individuals:

  • Make sound decisions about when and how to access health care services;
  • Better manage existing chronic conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes; and
  • Improve lifestyle behaviors to prevent the development of chronic conditions.

“We wanted to provide opportunities for our employees to get fit and do something about their health screening numbers.”

Franco Gallo, Former Superintendent Keystone Local School District


With Findley’s guidance on best practices, the LERC Board has embraced a strategy to enhance the focus on wellness within each district. Through Findley’s expert knowledge on medical and pharmacy plan options, coupled with thoughtful planning, LERC now provides competitive health benefits and wellness resources to create an environment where each individual can thrive, through an “all-for-one, one-for-all” approach.

Each district is given autonomy to create a wellness program that fits into its unique culture; every district must complete the same gateway items annually. Two of these gateway items include a biometric health screening and an online health risk assessment.

Every district in LERC designs their own robust annual action plan, which promotes healthy activities, individual and group wellness challenges, health fairs, and employee assistance seminars. District leaders, staff members and support from Findley, created a committee of wellness champions to ensure effective implementation of each item.

Community Well-being Collaboration

For instance, one school district connects wellness to the entire student body and community through a mapped 7.5 mile course that encourages physical activity while connecting participants to local history. Another example, a different school district wanted to provide opportunities for their employees to get fit. After reviewing year-over-year aggregate biometric health screening results, the participants wanted to better their health screening numbers. An updated weight room with new equipment has appealed to a broader group of employees. The district also offers a local personal trainer with classes and individual assistance to participants.


Over the last 7 years, the annual insurance cost trend for the consortium has averaged less than 3 percent and the LERC Board has approved 6 monthly premium holidays. With Findley’s subject-matter expertise and the core team of leadership from all twelve districts that strives to provide every employee in every district with resources at their fingertips has been key to the continued success and evolution of the LERC wellness platform. As wellness evolves, the consortium’s strategy is keeping pace with trends and expectations so every member can thrive.

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