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Compensation and Retention Strategies for Healthcare Executives

To thrive today, healthcare organizations must provide competitive compensation and implement strategies to recruit and retain talented executives. Short- and long-term incentive plans – along with retention arrangements – are increasingly being tied to successfully vying for healthcare’s top talent. […]

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10 Steps to a Return-to-Work Preparedness Plan

Across the country, states are easing coronavirus-related restrictions, and now hosts of new workplace issues are emerging – along with the over-arching question of what the work environment will look like as businesses strive to protect the health of employees […]

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Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Give Employee eLearning a Boost?

As organizations adjust to a new normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a spotlight is shining on the benefits of eLearning and online training for employees. The practice of using learning management systems (LMS) to train employees has been gaining […]

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Developing a Strategy for Moving from Pension to 401(k) Benefits

Budgeting for next year’s cost of employer-provided benefits can seem daunting, especially when an organization sponsors both a defined benefit pension plan and a 401(k) defined contribution plan. Is it time to consider moving away from the defined benefit pension […]

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Treasury Will Now Allow an Employer Tax Credit for Insured Furloughed Workers

Employers that are partly or completely prohibited from operating during the shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic but who continue to fund employee health care coverage, may be able to take up to a $10,000 tax credit for each employee, […]

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Do Government Pension Plan Sponsors Know Their Risk?

It has been just over a year since the Actuarial Standards Board introduced Actuarial Standard of Practice No. 51 (ASOP 51) which requires actuaries to disclose certain risks to plan sponsors. ASOP 51 directs the actuary to assess and disclose […]

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