Wellness Goes to College

Development of wellness structures often requires comprehensive wellness assessments in determining a firm’s readiness to adopt a culture of health. 


Findley was asked to conduct a comprehensive wellness assessment at thee universities in Ohio. The assessments were conducted within multiple colleges at each university to determine the current state of the wellness and benefit programs. Objectives also included determining the readiness of each department or area to adopt a culture of health, identifying positive physical attributes of the campus as they relate to wellness, gauging the level of key stakeholder support, and identifying existing internal and external resources to leverage.


Creating a vision for change through the facilitation of strategic planning sessions at each university enabled our clients to identify core objectives in their individual wellness initiatives. The strategic action plans outlined critical milestones beyond implementation as well as defined roles and timing guidelines.

We also developed a three-year incentive strategy to build participatory incentives to health-contingent rewards. As these plans evolve we continue to provide guidance on the timing of rewards and the structure to best motivate engagement in desired behaviors.


We facilitated wellness vendor selection and implementation, including the provision of a wellness portal, screenings, and programming for both lifestyle and disease management and prevention coaching. We developed an integrated dashboard to measure the potential impact of the wellness initiative on improved population health, and ultimately on its positive impact on overall health care costs. The consolidated wellness dashboard incorporates reports from various vendors and assesses correlations between them, painting a picture of the progress and impact of the wellness initiative. We continue to provide support and advise based on our wellness experience to the full-time wellness coordinators that were hired to assist with strategic plan implementation.

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