Health Care Benefits Philosophy and Strategic Plan Development


Non-profit community hospital with 1,000 employees, includes a 99-bed acute care hospital, 69-bed skilled nursing facility, 48-unit assisted living facility, a home health center and outpatient services.


The management team wanted to develop a multi-year health care strategy bringing key stakeholders together to define the strategy. In light of health care law changes and fewer and fewer opportunities to reduce health benefits costs, the hospital wanted to be more strategic in its decision-making process. Its goal was to develop guiding principles and a three-year health benefits strategy.


Findley assisted the hospital in benchmarking other health systems benefit plans as the first step in updating its own health benefits strategy. A Compression Planning process, a technique used to help leaders leverage collaborative time to make better decisions faster, led to the development of a Health Care Benefits Philosophy which included three elements:

  • Improve the health of employees, families, patients, and the community
  • Demonstrate its commitment to employees and their families
  • Achieve perfection at the point of care by attracting and retaining top talent.

The strategic planning process involved key HR leadership and the third party administrator resulting in a three-year health care strategy directly aligned with the organization’s broader strategic plan. The plan includes five key elements: Perfection at the Point of Care (Every Patient Every Time), Develop an Integrated Service Delivery Network, Population Health Management, Recruit and Retain the Best People, and Provide High Value in All We Do.

The hospital recognized that providing the highest quality health care services requires each person to take care of his/her own health too. The succinct description of its commitment, employee responsibilities, and the three-year strategic plan were adopted by the Board of Trustees and are referenced at each Board meeting.

Findley continues to assist with the Affordable Care Act compliance and is currently evaluating high-deductible plan options with an eye toward keeping the plan affordable for employees.


From beginning to end, the Findley facilitated strategic planning process, including internal and Board approvals, was completed in three months. The Management Team and Board are committed to this new strategy which is aligned with the organizational strategy.

Ultimately the HR team took a proactive approach to ensure that the HR strategy was aligned with where the organization was headed. Findley continues to consult with the hospital HR team in development of a proactive employee communications plan for a 2016 high deductible plan.

Health care law changes lead to development of a health care benefits philosophy and strategic plan.

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