Maximizing HR Effectiveness


A multiple-hospital health care system with over 12,000 employees was seeking ways to effectively integrate a vast number of electronic resources to carry out many HR functions and improve HR service delivery.


Using a two-phase approach, Findley designed a role-based HR portal that brought existing systems together under a single website for specific user profiles and organizational positions.

Discovery Phase:

An HR portal can be an effective service delivery platform and team building tool but only if it provides the applications and information that employees want and need. With this in mind, Findley first worked with the client’s HR team to catalogue the various applications and resources that were currently in use in HR.

A detailed user survey was then conducted to determine the context in which the HR portal must perform and the requirements for the user interface. The user survey was crucial in determining the precursors to a successful HR portal implementation. Employees (and their spouses) were asked for input on the relative demand for functionality, frequency of use projections, baseline satisfaction with current solutions, and anticipation of future needs. All of this information was considered during the design phase.

Design Phase:

Based on the information gathered during the discovery phase, Findley quickly designed a branded user interface that offered a flexible environment with content managed by HR personnel. The portal allowed online, secure, and personalized information sharing with employees and their spouses. The design allowed users to access a variety of information including:

  • A gateway to HR self-service applications
  • A forms library
  • HR policies and procedures
  • An HR events calendar
  • various searchable directories of other important HR information.


The HR portal was designed to save the client’s staff many hours of time otherwise spent answering questions, allow employees to have quicker and easier control of their self-service applications, and enhance employee communications.

The portal solution designed by Findley positively impacted the client’s HR service delivery and overall effectiveness by providing a branded gateway to all corporate HR self-service application and information.

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