HR Service Delivery for Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the most interesting aspects of an HR due diligence and integration project is understanding how “HR Service Delivery gets done” within the two organizations that are coming together or separating. One organization may often outsource services while the other organization completes tasks in-house. One company might use highly automated, cloud-based HR systems while the other completes administration via the use of spreadsheets.

Merging Your HR Service Delivery Systems

We help client determine the best approach to merging the HR teams’ service delivery model. Our experts:

  • Identify the differences in approach across the two organizations
  • Identify the cultural differences that accompany the different service delivery philosophies
  • Document the organizational structure and reporting relationships
  • Review how employees complete their work
  • Determine any internal training needs
  • Outline potential change management issues as they relate to cultural differences, process differences, behavior styles, skill sets, and other sensitivities
  • Provide recommendations to address any issues identified
  • Implement the recommendations for the new HR Service Delivery strategy