Administrative Services for Health & Group Benefits

Overseeing the day-to-day administration of health and group benefits can be a time consuming job for HR leaders, who already have too much on their plate.

Our deep experience and technology solutions allow our team to offer our clients flexible solutions at a lower cost when it comes to health and group benefits administration and compliance. Our team helps our clients navigate and simplify complex administration issues through the following services.

Trust Interactions

Our monthly roll-up report categorizes all the bills and payments that are due to vendors.

Reimbursement Accounts

From proof of coverage to enrollment forms, we will confirm that coverage and payments have been made by the participant, ensuring that making reimbursements to employees is a smooth and dependable process.


We apply the established plan rules and ensure that all employees are following the plan through independent audits, major life event reviews, etc.

Data Maintenance

From address and phone number changes to major life events, our team can manage and update the data for all participants. Our internal review process will ensure the accuracy of the data on a regular basis.

Data Management

For organizations that are not on one consolidated payroll or benefits enrollment system, sending multiple payroll files or enrollment files to third-party vendors can result in unintended errors due to the complicated data transactions. Our data management team will verify and consolidate files into a single file source.

Ongoing and Dependent Audits

Our team consistently conducts ongoing audits as well as dependent audits to ensure major life events such as births, deaths, and divorces are updated.

Case Management

As a true extension of our clients’ HR teams, we offer both call center and fulfillment support. Our 12-hour-per-day call center can receive calls and make outbound calls to guarantee seamless customer service and extend the bandwidth of your HR team. We utilize a case management tracking system that scans all health paperwork to ensure we can answer health and benefit questions from your employees.