Build a High-Performing Well-Being Initiative

We support organizations in developing a well-being strategy and approach that empowers people to lead healthier lives and the organization to achieve objectives such as lowered health care costs, increased productivity and engagement, and enhanced financial results.

High-performing well-being initiatives succeed when the organizational culture shifts to support the overall health and well-being of each individual. It is the focus on this strategic cultural shift—which is controlled by employers—that is the cornerstone of Strategic Employer Well-Being.

Whether working with a brand new or well-developed wellness initiative, we provide Strategic Employer Well-Being support to assess the current state; define or refine the strategy to focus on short- and long-term objectives; and measure the results in health, behavioral, and cultural change. We apply proven change management and population health principles to well-being initiatives to deliver positive outcomes.

Our Employer Well-Being Services

  • Wellness program assessment
  • Employee and leader focus groups, interviews, and surveys
  • Strategic planning for employer well-being initiatives
  • Business case development
  • Communications strategy
  • Preparation and delivery of wellness communications
  • Vendor selection
  • Ongoing vendor management
  • Measurement and population health dashboard
  • Project management
  • Wellness committee—design and facilitation
  • Wellness champion network—design and facilitation