Strengthen Your Organization with Well-Designed Compensation & Rewards

We consult with small, middle market, and large public, private, and not-for-profit organizations and are regularly engaged by Board Compensation Committees and management. Our consultants design competitive and effective compensation and rewards programs related to:

  • Executive compensation
  • Employee compensation
  • Director compensation
  • Sales incentive compensation

Recent initiatives we have addressed with our clients include:

  • Revisiting annual incentive plan and performance management
  • Looking to provide long-term wealth building compensation opportunities
  • Seeking independent counsel to assist clients with their role in oversight of executive compensation
  • Looking at “relative performance” plans to deliver both short-term and long-term incentives
  • Reviewing sales compensation incentive programs in response to a highly competitive global market
  • Reviewing pay equity

Our Compensation & Rewards Services

We help our clients navigate and simplify complex compensation and rewards issues.

  • Attract and retain top leadership talent
  • Align pay and salary with interests of investors and key stakeholders
  • Strengthen pay for performance
  • Provide independent counsel for Board Compensation Committees
  • Manage executive compensation in an environment of increasing transparency, scrutiny, and regulation
  • Review or restructure sales compensation to ensure the program is aligned with growth metrics and goals
  • Comply with new tax and regulatory requirements
  • Communicate rewards and incentive programs to management and employees

Our Publications

Achieving Pay Equity