Create Meaningful Incentives for Your Sales Team

Findley consults with small, middle market, and large public and private organizations to design competitive and effective sales force compensation and rewards programs.

Increasing competitive pressures, both domestic and global, have brought top management face-to-face with the urgent need to improve overall effectiveness of the sales organization.

True improvements in overall sales force effectiveness and competitive advantage require a logical, holistic, and systematic approach to sales force change combined with a continuity program to reinforce and sustain these productivity gains to the future.

The Findley Approach to Sales Force Effectiveness

Findley’s approach to sales force effectiveness helps our clients navigate and simplify complex sales incentive compensation issues through:

  • Benchmarking base salary and total cash compensation levels
  • Sales incentive and recognition plan design, development, and communication
  • Sales organization structure design to efficiently and effectively deliver the intended sustainable business results
  • Sales position competency models for new hire selection and career development
  • Sales role analysis—evaluate the current role versus a role for “tomorrow’s business”
  • National account management program development
  • Performance management systems
  • Account profitability analysis
  • Customer analysis by sales potential
  • Sales force time analysis versus benchmarks
  • Sales process lean engineering focuses on the customer and utilizing a value chain analysis to understand the cost and efficiency of all business processes impacting the customer