Helping Employees Understand the Value of Their Total Rewards

Communicating total compensation remains a high priority among employers. Total Reward Statements or Total Compensation Reports provide employees with a detailed itemization of the full value of their employment with an organization. These reports are personalized, so employees can easily understand the quantitative value of their employment.

In addition to personalized, data-driven employee compensation reports, Findley can create similar statements relating to:

  • Retirement planning
  • Targeted savings plan
  • Retirement plan changes
  • Retirement choice
  • Open enrollment

Findley’s Process for Creating Total Rewards Statements


  • Define roles
  • Determine content and variability
  • Discuss data sources and issues
  • Set deadlines for tasks and deliverables
  • Review statement design/layout options

Data Processing, Programming, and Testing

  • Request and collect data based on final content
  • Program the statement and conduct full internal testing
  • Compile files and send frequency and range reports to clients
  • Perform calculations and data checks
  • Process final data for statements

Production and Measurement

  • Client reviews live test statements
  • Complete print production
  • Deliver statements
  • Participant communications: collect survey feedback from employees regarding the report
  • Hold debrief meeting to review feedback and outline project for next year