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Mergers & Acquisitions

Findley’s Merger & Acquisition team has the expertise and years of experience to support our clients through the HR integration process.

Due Diligence

Findley helps organizations perform HR Due Diligence in areas that can impact the terms of a merger or acquisition including financial issues related to retirement and benefit plans, compensation structures and executive contracts, cultural fit, vendor contracts, areas of risk, and technologies.


Make your merger or acquisition move quickly with Integration services from Findley. We help HR teams organize around the integration through the development of work streams like health care plans, retirement plans, PTO, compliance, HR technology systems, compensation, incentive plans, vendors, and more.

HR Project Management

Findley helps organizations move quickly through a merger or acquisition’s integration process by providing experienced HR Project Management services. Findley’s experts manage task flow, timeline, issues resolution and communications channels and coordinates workflow between teams and vendors.

Change Management & Communications

Findley’s Change Management process focuses on helping employees through transition. By successfully implementing changes, our clients can expect to see increased productivity and lower turnover rates, improved focus on organizational goals, maximized use of technology, and higher employee satisfaction.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Select the right vendors for your health and group benefits programs. Findley helps clients choose vendors that will provide cost efficiencies and performance improvements.

HR Service Delivery

We partner with HR leadership to analyze performance, improve process and implement technology solutions.

Global Consulting

Findley’s Global HR and Benefits Consulting Findley has the ability to deploy global resources wherever our clients operate due to our global networks and expertise. Whether you are a large organization with locations in multiple countries or a smaller one […]


Keep your HR current and compliant with Compliance services from Findley’s Regulatory Services Advisory team. When new legislation, regulations, or court decisions are announced, Findley informs you of how the changes will impact your organization, if you need to take action and by when, and what your options are.