Selecting the Right Vendors as a Result of Major Change

Selecting the right vendor is a critical component of successfully managing a merger, acquisition, spinoff, or divestiture. It is important to understand the main priorities of the organization when selecting a vendor partner. We help our clients set their priorities and manage all aspects of vendor evaluation and selection for organizations.

Our vendor evaluators help determine which vendor relationship provides the integration team with the:

  • Fastest solution
  • Solution with the least risk involved
  • Least disruptive solution for participants
  • Opportunities for cost savings
  • Best long-term solution, assuming it doesn’t compromise speed

Mergers & Acquisition Vendor Areas of Expertise

Our experienced vendor evaluators stay well informed of the marketplace. We know which vendors are increasing their capabilities and are growing and which ones are on a downward trend. Because we work directly with a wide variety of vendors, we can provide a quick opinion based on our market knowledge.

We understand the vendor market in a variety of areas, including the following: