Aligning Your Retirement Plans with Your Goals

Plan sponsors of traditional defined benefit pension plans are dealing with ongoing uncertainties in managing their plans—a volatile global market, continued speculation regarding interest rates, and an increasing retiree population. Plan sponsors are evaluating their retirement programs to ensure cost efficiency and competitiveness while providing benefits in line with the company’s HR philosophy.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan Services

We help our clients navigate and simplify complex defined benefit issues through:

  • Defined benefit pension plan administration
  • Strategic retirement plan design—consulting, modeling, and financial analysis
  • Asset/liability modeling and forecasting
  • Pension risk management
  • Plan freeze and plan termination
  • Actuarial services for qualified and nonqualified plans
  • Post-retirement, post-employment, and OPEB valuation services
  • Investment advisory selection management
  • Government forms and notices
  • Compliance audit services
  • Nondiscrimination and coverage testing
  • Merger, acquisition, and divestiture consulting
  • Government plans
  • Participant communications and change management

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