Our ESOP Services

We help our clients navigate and simplify complex ESOP issues through:

  • ESOP recordkeeping
  • ESOP consulting and feasibility analysis
  • Plan design consulting
  • Daily and balance forward recordkeeping
  • Participant eligibility administration
  • Trust accounting and reconciliation to Trust
  • Allocation of contributions, forfeitures, dividends and investment gains or losses
  • Track cost basis
  • Preparation of customized participant statements
  • Processing plan distributions
  • Preparation of the Annual Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report

Requirements We Test For

Testing for compliance with general plan requirements and with requirements specific to ESOPs, including:

  • Release of employer stock from suspense
  • Special testing under Code Section 415
  • Special tax deduction limits
  • Special distribution requirements
  • Restrictions on stock used in a Code Section 1042 transaction
  • S Corporation anti-abuse requirements
  • Stock repurchase liability studies
  • Governmental filings
  • Participant communication
  • IRS and DOL corrections support
  • Compliance and governance self-audits
  • Perform nondiscrimination, coverage, top-heavy and limitations testing

ESOP Recordkeeping

Our recordkeeping and administration services help our clients manage the risk associated with plan regulatory compliance, and provide worry-free recordkeeping services to free up time that our clients’ human resources team may devote to other priorities.

Benefits to Your Organization

Plan sponsors benefit from a retirement program that provides:

  • Participants with an understanding and appreciation of your retirement plan
  • Compliance with IRS, DOL, and ERISA rules and regulations, mitigating risk to the employer
  • Complete fee transparency and disclosure
  • Complete investment open-architecture and full administrative operational flexibility

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