Rewarding Top Talent by Offering Nonqualified Plans

We work with a client’s team of legal, tax, and accounting advisers in considering and implementing nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements and options.

Our Nonqualified Plan Services

  • Premerger due diligence review
  • Actuarial studies, projections, and strategies
  • Defining overall goals and objectives
  • Maximizing benefits under existing qualified plans and coordinating nonqualified plan benefits
  • Analysis of possible nonqualified benefits under different plans and formulas
  • Designing the nonqualified deferred compensation plan
  • Drafting plan documents for review by your legal counsel or reviewing plan documents drafted by your legal counsel
  • Assisting with reporting requirements
  • Providing record keeping and administrative services
  • Required governmental disclosures
  • Handling special plan issues

Our Publications

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Programs: Is One Right for Your Organization?